while I sometimes call myself kin amongst friends, I overall prefer the term alterhuman! I feel it overall describes my experience better, and as I've had bad personal experiences with kin communities online, it makes me more comfortable.

for me, alterhuman is first and foremost a spiritual thing. my otherkintypes all connect to aspects of my spiritual life and very much represent my discovery of my best spiritual self, as well as my journey towards recovery and understanding myself in a more healthy way. not necessarily past lives, more things I feel I am spiritually connected to and that I embody.

fictionkin is more psychological for me. they are all characters that have really helped me understand who I am and how to be my best self, so I consider them essential parts of who I am. they are also spiritual in their own way, but I am still learning where fictionkin falls in my spiritual path.

I don't really like to look for canonmates or discuss my memories with others, so I'd prefer not to be contacted about it unless we already know each other. Alterhuman is a very personal experience for me, so I prefer to keep it to myself outside of this page and explanation.

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