My Closet!

the style I wear is called ガーリー (pronounced gari, roughly), aka girly, and is often referred to in western communities as girly kei! I fell in love with girly when I first discovered it, because it felt like the princessy, high femme, frilly look I'd dreamed of for years at a cheaper price point than lolita. in recent years I've finally been able to build up a wardrobe of it! this page will continuously change as I buy and sell pieces.

hover over a piece to see the brand, as well as any other notes I have about it!

if you're interested in seeing pictures of my coords, I have an instagram here!




Set Ups


Misc. Info

I have a wide variety of bows, too many for me to photograph right now - but I hope to eventually take proper pictures and document them! most of my coords are also worn with offbrand leggings and lace socks from places like walmart.