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Nicole originally got her start on tumblr, making songs with only her voice and her guitar. Although at first she deleted the songs due to embarrassment, they received very warm reception from her followers, which led her to start producing more music. Her first 4 albums (Curdled Milk, Flowers of Flesh and Blood, Ode to Dawn Weiner: Embarassing Love Songs, Observatory Mansions) were entirely produced and released on her own. Afterwards, fellow musician Grimes created her own record label called Eerie Organization to help produce Dollanganger's music, under which she would go on to release albums Natural Born Losers, Heart-Shaped Bed, and Married In Mount Airy.

She is known for her combination of soft, high pitched vocals with dark and poetic lyricism, often covering topics such as abuse, mental illness, and eating disorders that pull from her own experiences. She has drawn a following of people who appreciate her unique style, and even inspired an aesthetic genre based on her music called "Morute." Her stage name, Dollanganger, pulls from the V. C. Andrews novels of the same name that she often takes inspiration from.

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