The Healing Hospital Webring

NOTE: As of 2/19/24, applications are on hold while I take care of my personal health

healing hospital webring is for anyone with a personal website who considers themselves menhera! the goal of this ring is to give menhera on the old web a way to find each other's websites and make connections. if you're unsure about if you're menhera but just value your personal recovery and that of others, you're also welcome to join! you don't need to have anything on your site related to menhera as long as you fit the above criteria.

for an overview of what menhera is and its history, feel free to view my menhera shrine here, or check out for a more detailed insight!

to join, please fill out and submit the form below! please note I may choose to decline applications at my discretion, namely sites with explicit or discriminatory content, or sites with obvious glorification of self harm and similar things that are against menhera's values.

once you receive the email letting you know you've been added, please add the following widget somewhere on your site!

<div id='healinghospital'>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> </div>

Current Members

  • Mizuki (host) ♡
  • Goodnight ♡
  • Sage ♡
  • Mar ♡
  • Azure ♡
  • Krish ♡
  • Erin ♡
  • Jasmine ♡
  • Med ♡