My Melody

A very honest, good natured girl

Onegai My Melody OP

Like many children growing up in Japan, sanrio was something I was surrounded with often, just like children in the US my age grew up with things like LPS and My Little Pony. There were always so many characters to choose from, who all had their own little lines of toys, clothes, and items to choose from. However, from a young age I decided that my favorite character was My Melody, and that would stick with me all the way into adulthood.

I've always felt a special connection to rabbits, and by connection rabbit characters. They've always been so beautiful and complex to me, and for many years owning a house rabbit was a huge dream of mine. This helped draw me to My Melody initially, but I think what connected me to her above other sanrio bunny characters was her personality.

My Melody is described above all as being "a very honest, good natured girl." She's kind, she cares deeply about her friends, and she always treats everyone with patience and kindness. She's delicate, feminine, and very often associated with the color pink, and her favorite food is almond pound cake.

In many ways, she was someone I wanted to be like.

The decline of my mental health as a teenager saw me clinging to my melody as a source of comfort, especially at a time where I felt like I wasn't able to be feminine in the way I wanted due to my transness and due to bullying. As it turns out, I wasn't the only one like me who felt the same about her. For years people in the jp menhera community have loved My Melody as a character, putting her all over clothing, bags, and art. Her kindness and softness is something that many struggling with their mental health find comfort in - so much so that Sanrio took notice of this! They started a youtube channel featuring My Melody giving mental health advice (which you can find here!), cementing her as an important figure to menhera in Japan.

My Melody brings comfort and joy to so many people of all ages, and has a special place in my heart. As an adult I still wear clothing with her on it and collect her plushies, and keep her as a reminder to be kind and gentle whenever possible. She's an important figure to many, and I think the joy she brings to people is a beautiful thing.

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