welcome to pill party!

pill party is a pixel clique dedicated to teeny lttle pills! said pills can be of any color or theme, represent any character, or have any decorations as long as they fit within the given 30x50 template! this clique is a tribute to the defunct clique pill pals!

below are the templates! there's one for normal themed pills and one for character pills!

to be added to the clique, just email me at algolian@proton.me with your pill, the url to your website, and optionally a custom alt text for what the pill does! you may take any of these pills and make your own collection as long as you link back to the creator. templates are allowed to be used for things outside of this clique.

This pill causes a person to be lovesick; by mizuki  This pill makes a person appreciate their friends; by mizuki This pill makes you float - by ophanim This pill fills you with a strong sense of duty - by krish by paint
This is an estrogen pill! Trans individual and cisgender women alike use this type of medication for hormone replacement therapy. - by azure This pill makes those who take it attracted to more than one gender. Alternatively, makes those already attracted to more than one gender get $100 in their bank account. - by azure This pill makes those who take it grow bunny ears and a bunny tail, kemonomimi-style. It is known for its sweet taste! - by azure