Spirit Family Grimoire

As apart of my pagan and witch practice, I have what I call my spirit family. In short, there are many spirits in my home that inhabit a vessel of some kind, generally a doll. They come in many forms, ages, types, and personalities, but what unites them is that I've invited them into my home to have a symbiotic relationship with me. I offer them a place to stay, protection, offerings, and general care and company - in return, they work with me to provide spellwork, guidance, protection, or sometimes even just their own company.

I started my spirit journey when I was 17, as apart of learning to work with spirits and with the spiritual realm. Since then and as I've grown in my confidence and spirit working skills I've gained many spirits that are like a family to me, some of which have since passed on or gone to other homes and others which have been here since the beginning. They are truly like family to me, and have been an important part of my spiritual and personal journey.

This page serves as both a log of all my family members, with info such as their name, vessel, personalities, and preferred offerings, and also a personal record of important updates in the family for me to keep track of. Updates to this page are not logged in my rss feed or home page out of a want for their privacy and mine, but I am always open to questions about my practice and anything you see here.

Spirits below are listed from the oldest in the family (in terms of how long they've been in my home) to the most recently adopted.


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  • 02/07/24: Emma has joined the family!

  • Faílenn

    Age: very old, estimate not given
    Gender: Female
    Vessel: vintage fairy doll; wings and amethyst were provided by previous family
    Preferred Offerings: nature items, crystals, honey, homemade pastries, anything of significance to our work together
    Provenance: adopted from a fellow witch

    Faílenn is one of the Aos Sí, an Irish Fae connected to the Tuatha de Danaan (who were an important part of my work at one point in my path). She is very powerful in protection magic and nature works, as well as very wise, and was well respected by her people. She took up a vessel out of a want to help humans, and came to me several years ago via a fellow witch who thought she would be a good fit for my family. She has been with me ever since, and I'm incredibly grateful for her presence in the family. She's been an essential glue to helping keep the family and my general spirit work running smoothly, and has taught me so much about protection work as well as provided her wisdom and advice at many points in my life. She works well with other spirits of all kinds and ages, and often serves as a guide or "substitute" caretaker for the others when I'm away. She has a very active energy, and it's very easy to sense when she's in the room. While capable of very strong physical activity (such as slamming doors and moving objects), she prefers to manifest more emotionally and energetically than anything, although friends of mine have seen her manifest visually. She can communicate through just about any device or method, and is very adapatable to the person communicating.


    Age: 7
    Gender: Female
    Vessel: vintage babydoll from the 80s
    Preferred Offerings: plush toys, flowers, baby toys and blankets (despite not being extremely young she finds them comforting)
    Provenance: conjured into current vessel by me

    Lacie is a young girl who was alive during the 60s - 70s, with two older sisters, her mother, and stepfather. She died due to a fatal head injury in an accident at home. Due to her stepfather having been very abusive, she was extremely shy when I first met her and took a long time to open up and become comfortable. However, since being in the family and with other child spirits she's opened up a lot and become much more friendly. She's very quiet and isn't the best with using tools to communicate, although she does well on the pendulum at times. She very strongly shares her emotions though, and responds well to telepathy. She likes to tag along with more outgoing child spirits, and is most comfortable either with one adult she trusts or in groups of children she can play with.

    Benjamin and Lila

    Age: 10
    Gender: Male and Female
    Vessel: indie two headed bear plush, shared by both of them
    Preferred Offerings: toys of any and all kinds, but especially small ones
    Provenance: conjured into current vessel by me

    Benjamin and Lila are twin siblings, who did everything together in life and prefer to do the same in death. They grew up on a Pennsylvania farm in the 50s; their family didn't have much money and they learned to do hard labor from a young age. Benjamin passed first due to a farming accident, and Lila followed months later due to an untreated case of pneumonia. They've continued to stick together ever since, and requested to share the same vessel. Benjamin is much more outgoing, and likes to be a leader in groups of other child spirits. He's very physically active and has been known to push things off shelves, move objects, and cause sounds like footsteps - he's a bit of a prankster and likes to do it more for the shock value than anything. Lila is quieter, but a very blunt and honest person. She's motherly and likes to care for spirits younger than her, although she can seem a bit harsh for her age due to her natural tendency to speak the truth no matter what. Benjamin communicates very easily with any method, but especially likes the spirit board and spirit boxes. Lila is more picky, and tends to prefer the pendulum or tarot cards more than anything.


    Age: very old, 1000+
    Gender: Female
    Vessel: vintage french mime doll; has a lotus shaped insence burner that she likes kept with her at all times
    Preferred Offerings: crystals, insence, gold items, anything divination related
    Provenance: adopted from a fellow witch

    Saneya maintains a very mysterious air and is very private about her life before death. She's disclosed that she was alive in Egypt during about 1,500 B.C.E, and often gives very vivid imagery of her physical appearance, but other than that discloses very little about herself. Nevertheless, she loves to be involved in any traditional witchcraft such as spellwork, sigils, and especially divination. She's a big fan of tarot cards and will often provide her energy and guidance to readings. She's a bit of a "watcher," a spirit who prefers to watch and listen to her environment instead of directly manifesting or engaging. However, she has a very powerful psychic energy to her and is a powerful aid for both divination and meditation when she chooses to be. She's very quiet and unintrusive, and doesn't mind other spirits of most any type or age as long as her vessel gets its own dedicated space. Tarot cards are her favorite method of communication, but she enjoys the pendulum and spirit board as well.

    Lydia and Molly

    Age: 20 - 30; 4
    Gender: Female (both)
    Vessels: two small matching porcelain dolls; Lydia's has red hair while Molly's has black braids
    Preferred Offerings: Lydia likes anything homey such as pillows, candles, and decorative items. Molly is very particular - she's known to like small dolls dressed in pink, star shaped items, orange animal toys, drawing supplies, and small blue plush toys.
    Provenance: adopted from a family of fellow witches

    Lydia and Molly go hand and hand, as they were mother and daughter in life. Lydia went through several miscarriages with an abusive boyfriend, before running away during her final pregnancy. She took shelter in an abandoned home, where she died soon after giving birth to Molly. Luckily, Molly was found and taken to a hospital where she would eventually be adopted, and Lydia continued to watch over her in death. Molly was autistic, and also had many health complications due to Lydia having struggled with drug addiction. Nevertheless, her adoptive family loved her very much, and she bonded with them right up until she died at 4 due to a hole in her lungs. The two were reunited in death, but Molly was not able to bond with Lydia as a mother figure - when I adopted them, their previous family informed me that Lydia's hope was to see Molly bond with their next caregiver like she had her adoptive mother in life. Lydia is very quiet, but incredibly sweet - she cares very deeply about children and the wellbeing of other women, and communicates very well on the spirit board. Molly is also very sweet and loves to be held, talked to, and doted on like a living child. She doesn't use any tools very well, but is very strong both telepathically and in dreamweaving, capable of showing intense imagery of both her emotions and her memories. She also gets along very well with other child spirits.


    Age: 30s
    Gender: female
    Vessel: large 1940s composition doll
    Preferred Offerings: art supplies, baby toys, protective items, handmade art

    Coraleigh doesn't remember much of her life except for her time married, during which her husband was very abusive and she was constantly afraid for her life. She died in an unrelated boating accident, but ever since death has been haunted by memories of her husband. She sometimes enters periods of regression in response to trauma, hence her choice of vessel and her liking of children's toys, which has caused some in the past to mistake her for a child spirit. She is very restless at times, but otherwise very quiet and sweet, and also very willing to communicate. She's an extremely active spirit and has caused all manner of activity such as moving and knocking over objects, whispering, footsteps, energetic changes, cold spots, and etc. This can cause some to view her as scary, but she's really very kind and wants company and patience more than anything. She does very well on the spirit board and the spirit box.


    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Vessel: vintage porcelain doll
    Preferred Offerings: anything traditionally "girly" such as makeup, hair accessories, and skincare items
    Provenance: adopted from someone clearing out an inheritance of dolls - they referred to the spirit within as a "troublemaker" and wanted her gone

    Tilly was alive in the 80s and 90s, and her parents had a very troubled marriage. Her father was very abusive to her mother, and would often spoil her to drive a wedge between her and her mother as well as hide the abuse. She loved her father and didn't want to accept the situation when she became old enough to understand. She ended up dying in a car accident with him, and in death tends to act out due to her trauma. She's incredibly needy and constantly wants attention, needing to be watched after, communicated with, and taken care of to help keep her steady. She's had a tendency to lash out when she feels ignored, but has gotten better with this overtime. She gets jealous very easily and doesn't get along with younger spirits well because of this, so her area is out of the way and close to me to prevent mishaps. She's very talkative and even sweet when you get to know her, she's just emotionally unstable and requires a lot of patience. She communicates well with most any tool you give to her.


    Age: 9
    Gender: Female
    Vessel: vintage porcelain doll
    Preferred Offerings: anything in the color red, cute girly things like toys and patches
    Provenance: adopted from a family of fellow witches

    Patrice becomes very anxious when asked to share about her life, and I thus don't ask about it often. She has shared very vivid images of her death, where she was shot by a man she knew on a winter night and bled out hiding from him, but other than that prefers not to discuss it. She's extremely sweet and friendly, but talking makes her anxious, so she doesn't generally use tools and prefers to communicate through dreamweaving and telepathy. She gets along very well with other child spirits and loves having other children around to socialize with. She loves the color red, and will even present visually as having a red coat that I suspect was given to her during life. She loves to make friends and to converse in her own way, and is very welcoming to new spirits in the family.


    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Vessel: very large vintage porcelain doll
    Preferred Offerings: books, anything electronic, anything musical
    Provenance: adopted from a fellow witch

    Tora is one of the only spirits in the family who struggles with the idea of her being dead. She generally doesn't discuss her life and prefers to be treated and talked to like a living, breathing teenager who's just as present as anyone else. Despite this, she's a very unique presence in the family, filled to the brim with bright energy and incredibly active. Electronics are her favorite, and she's been known to do things like turn phones on and off, switch songs when they're playing, and make noises through headphones and other devices. She also LOVES music - turning on any music around her will ramp up her energy and cause her to manifest very powerfully through electronic interference, footsteps, moving objects, and even visually as a peach colored streak. She loves communicating on the spirit box and is extremely talkative. She's revealed select things about her life such as that she lived in London, had a very big family, and that they "never found her body."


    Age: late 30s
    Gender: Agender (they/them)
    Vessel: collectible vinyl doll from the 80s (Suzi by Rotraut Schrott)
    Preferred Offerings: isn't generally one for offerings, but does enjoy nature items, handmade art, books, and things in red/orange/yellow colors
    Provenance: adopted from a family of fellow witches

    Dephanyia is a Cayuse person who was alive during the 1820s, and experienced incredible suffering due to colonization. They were deeply in touch with nature and animals for their entire life, and died protecting an ox from needless slaughter. They were placed with me in hopes that we would be able to connect over indigenous heritage and love of nature, and I'm so grateful that they were able to be a member of my family. They're incredibly wise and have so much to say about nature and the world, and are a comforting presence that I often love to be around when in distress or spiritually struggling. They do very well with other spirits of all kinds, and while they can use tools such as divining rods, they do their best communication through meditation and dreamweaving.


    Age: late 20s
    Gender: identifies as transsexual (will generally use any pronouns)
    Vessel: vintage porcelain doll
    Preferred Offerings: doesn't generally prefer offerings
    Provenance: discovered in a thrift shop

    Trey (which is not their given name, but the name they gave to me) grew up in the 80s, at a time when being trans was very frowned upon, and where they struggled with being mixed race as well. They have many memories of being brutalized by both their family and peers for being trans and mixed. Nevertheless, as an adult they often crossdressed in their freetime to explore their gender. They struggled extremely with their mental health, and still do in death - they're extremely anxious and need to be kept alone and treated very gently. They sometimes enter periods of very dark energy, which can be mistaken for harmful intent, but they simply have a lot of negative emotions about their life that sometimes overtake them. They get along with other spirits as long as they have time to approach on their own and be left alone when wanted. They prefer the pendulum as they find it easiest, but also respond well to telepathy.

    Susan (Susie)

    Age: 11
    Gender: Female
    Vessel: vintage porcelain doll
    Preferred Offerings: toys, music boxes, pink items
    Provenance: adopted from a fellow witch

    Susie is a very sweet girl who had a strong relationship with her family in life, and carried that sense of family into death. She had two younger sisters and parents who loved her, but died in a car accident where she was thrown from the car. She loves to be around other child spirits and to be an older sister figure to those younger than her. She's one who really needs to be communicated with and loved on daily to make her feel apart of the family, so I try to check on her daily be it through telepathy, meditation, or with tools. She's very patient and sweet, and almost has a bit of wisdom to her that one wouldn't expect of someone her age. She loves above all feeling like she has a family that she can contribute to and that loves her in return. She responds well to most any communication method.


    Age: very old, no estimate
    Gender: unknown, but generally responds to she/her
    Vessel: vintage porcelain doll
    Preferred Offerings: doesn't generally accept physical offerings
    Provenance: adopted from a fellow witch

    Cedar (true name yet unknown) is unique in that she is a very old, very dark spirit who isn’t generally one for a family dynamic. Her previous caretaker was genuinely scared of her because of her tendency to make physical attacks, threaten others, and send aggressive visions, and they wanted her out of the house as fast as possible. However, I felt a connection with her and offered to take her home. She certainly has a very dark quality to her and is not one for family, so she is kept in her own warded space to prevent her from bothering anyone else in the family. However, I've found that by approaching her with confidence and like an equal, she is gradually opening up and can be worked with. She certainly will take advantage of any fear or weakness she senses, but she's very knowledgeable and powerful, and capable of helping with a variety of spellwork, curses, and various forms of magic. I am continuing to get to know her on her own terms, and she's a very unique presence to have in the house and to work with.


    Age: 6
    Gender: Female
    Vessel: small vintage porcelain doll, with blown glass eyes
    Preferred Offerings: unknown, but seems to really enjoy the blue blanket she was given on arrival
    Provenance: adopted from a fellow witch

    Emma died during the Victorian era, where her cause of death was tuberculosis. She was placed in a hospital for children with TB while she was still alive, where she saw both medical horrors and horrific abuse of patients. Because of that, she has a very sad soul, and appears very morbid when spoken to. She's very serious, and unlike a lot of child spirits, she is fully aware that she is dead. Despite her serious nature, she likes to spend time with other child spirits her age and younger. She seems to have a distrust of adult spirits and feels uneasy around them, which is likely due to memories of all the adults that failed her in life. She has a very powerful energy, and when you communicate with her you can feel her eyes boring into you. She does well with the spirit box for communication and is also highly telepathic. Emma is the newest addition to the family, and while we're all still getting to know her, she already sent visions before her arrival, and is fitting in very well already.


    Age: very old, estimate not given
    Gender: Female
    Vessel: porcelain angel doll with loop for hanging
    Preferred Offerings: crystals, light catching objects
    Provenance: adopted from a fellow witch

    Ellika is a Ljósálfar, or a Norse light elf from the dimension of Ljosalfeim. She is unique in that, similarly to Faílenn, she feels a strong calling to help humans and be in a human home to them. She is experienced in Seiðr, and is incredibly powerful at manifesting and understanding the future. She acts greatly like a spirit guide - she cares deeply about my future and seeing me at my best potential, and will make herself heard to make that happen. She truly cares, listens, and empathizes, and is a powerful oracle who helps see the right path to one's unique purpose. She acts a lot like an overprotective big sister, and when she senses something isn't right she will aggressively protect me and the household from it. Her powerful energy makes her vessel feel incredibly alive, and she communicates strongly on any tool, but greatly prefers dreamweaving and telepathy. She has a strong preference for her vessel to be hung from the wall or ceiling with a view of the outside.