my name is mizuki or zarocheri! you can also call me any nickname derived from these - mizu, cheri, roro, zaro, etc! I'm 23 and my birthday is February 6th! I'm transfem and intersex, something I talk about often since it's important to me - shi/hir pronouns please! I am also two-spirit, something that's very integral to who I am.

I'm bi and married to my amazing wife aucheya, and dating my boyfriends lain and mihael - we are in a polycule! we have two wonderful kids - for privacy's sake I refer to them by their nicknames, rosie and bear. my family is very special to me and has gotten me through a lot, I would do anything for them.

I'm boriken taíno (indigenous caribbean nation) and japanese, and both cultures have been very defining to how I see the world! my years living in japan with family had a huge impact on me, and I talk a lot about that culture and how my interests relate to it. I follow my native religion (referred to as zemídujo) but am also in general a pagan witch. I follow artemis and donn, and do work related to death + spirits and the Fae primarily, with some influences from shinto. I also do shamanic work for people from my nation!

I am multiply disabled with quite a few physical and mental health issues. while I won't list them here, my health is a huge part of my life and is also a big reason behind menhera being so important to me. I often talk about my health, both the ups and the downs! in particular, I am a DID system and you may see me use "we" and "us" in blog posts.

I made this website as a way for me to have a creative way to really be myself + archive what's important to me, free from social media and algorithms! I may sometimes blog about opinions on politics and online discourse that are bothering to you - I'm extremely leftist and also a marxist, if that's any hint.

this site is a passion project for me and will always be changing and updating! I change layouts sometimes depending on how I feel about my site and my person. please enjoy yourself while browsing! I have a guestbook linked in the nav and would love to hear from you if you enjoy the site!

have a question? want advice on a style I wear? just want to have a discussion and be friends? feel free to send me an email! I'm always happy to chat with other webmasters!

in addition, here are some other places you can find me!

  • Instagram
  • Fediverse (misskey)
  • Fetlife - 18+ (obviously)

    listed below are some of my interests!

    special interests:

  • doll collecting
  • monster high
  • menhera culture
  • sailor moon
  • serial experiments lain
  • pretty cure
  • mili
  • animanga:

  • higurashi no naku koro ni
  • monster
  • death note
  • love live
  • aikatsu stars
  • code geass
  • princess tutu
  • berserk
  • tsubasa reservoir chronicle
  • xxx holic
  • shows:

  • criminal minds
  • vera
  • brokenwood mysteries
  • the x files
  • movies:

  • pan's labyrinth
  • train to busan
  • the babadook
  • the eyes of my mother
  • a tale of two sisters
  • the sound of music
  • scream
  • zombieland
  • the ring
  • the shape of water
  • books:

  • narnia
  • furnace
  • neverwhere
  • the ocean at the end of the lane
  • coraline
  • interview with the vampire
  • a head full of ghosts
  • house of leaves
  • something wicked this way comes
  • things have gotten worse since we last spoke
  • the ballad of black tom
  • ring
  • games

  • bang dream girl's band party
  • project sekai
  • ensemble stars
  • final fantasy xiii
  • magia record
  • hello charlotte
  • alice mare
  • idolm@ster
  • arknights
  • muse dash
  • deemo
  • league of legends
  • 1bitheart
  • pocket mirror
  • touhou

  • (all userboxes made by me, please credit if used!)